Hi y’all! I’m Shannon, a St. Louis-based, Jersey-born Designustrator (designer/illustrator hybrid creature). I like my work like I like my sneezes: loud, obnoxious, explosive, and packed with immediate satisfaction, even for just a brief second. But underneath all that chaos, what's most important is that my work contributes to a social good. So here are some things I ask myself as I begin a new project: 

Does this make me tingly with excitement?

Do I authentically care about the messages my work is sending? 

Will this make someone smile/laugh?

Who/which system(s) benefits from the messages I’m sending?

How am I challenging my audience’s biases? 

How can my work represent and include sexual, gender, and ethnic minorities?

Who will be able to relate to this work? Who will be ignored? 

How can I make my viewers uncomfortable in a constructive way? 

By day you can find me designing for print and web at a small St. Louis marketing agency called goBRANDgo! (exclamation point included in name) and by night I’m simultaneously eating and working on my illustration practice. I’m always eager to collaborate or take on freelance opportunities. Hit up that contact button on the top of page. I’d love to hear from you.