Hi y’all!

I’m Shannon, a St. Louis-based, Jersey-born Designustrator (designer/illustrator hybrid creature). I graduated in 2017 from Washington University in St. Louis with my BFA in Communication Design. By day you can find me designing websites at a small, haunted St. Louis marketing agency called goBRANDgo! (exclamation point included in name) and by night I’m simultaneously eating and working on my illustration practice.

I like my work like I like my sneezes: loud, obnoxious, and packed with immediate satisfaction, even for just a brief second. But underneath all that chaos, what's most important is that my work contributes to a social good. I’m always eager to collaborate or take on freelance opportunities. Hit up my inbox or phone below!

Reach me at:

shalevin613@gmail.com | 201-390-5720

instagram: @great_sneeze

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